The Mission

The Name

The mission of Church 8025 is to Reach People Who Reach People To Be Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus.  We find our mission in the great commandment and the great commission. There is no better way to show our love of Jesus than to make his name known. Jesus himself tells Peter this when he asks him, "Peter do you love me? Feed my sheep." At the same time, there is no better way to show love to people than to share Jesus with them. When we reach people who reach people, we obey the great commandment to love God and people and we obey the great commission to make disciples.
Church 8025 began in a home which is really where every church begins. 8025 is the number on the front of the house where this all began. We are called Church 8025 because every follower of Jesus has a number on the front of their house. We believe the church is not a place you attend. You are the church every time you open your front door to your neighbors, your coworkers and the people God has placed in your life. We gather on Sundays to celebrate all that God is doing in your life!

The Vision

The vision of Church 8025 is to create a community of authentic believers who are fully devoted followers of Jesus. We believe the greatest way to change our community is through individual followers of Jesus living on mission to reach the lost and being committed to making disciples. Our vision is support, empower, and equip each believer to be the church where they live, work and play.

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